So, What's Next?

If that's the question you're asking yourself, if you're at an inflection point in your life or in your work, then NextAct was designed for you.

A new business to start? A new project to build?  A new career to land?  The NextAct program will help. 

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So, What Is It?

NextAct is a month-long virtual coaching program providing a proven framework to help you decide what’s next for you. 


You work through the program on your own time, within your own schedule.  Most members spend 5-10 hours a week outside of their day job(s) to progress through the framework and complete their plan.

So, How Much Does It Cost?

A $600 deposit, that you get BACK when you complete the program on time.  That’s right, your deposit is your accountability, to yourself, to your fellow members, to your coaches, that you're going to finally take the time to figure out what you specifically want and how to make it happen.


Wait, What?

Your accountability deposit is fully refundable after completing the first level of our program on time.  Many members choose to continue on and join our execution phase.  Others build out their plan in our first level program and are off to the races on their own.  We happily return their deposit and cheer them on from afar. 


So, What's All Offered In Level 1?

Level one is built around helping you gain clarity in what you want, and confidence in the next steps to make it happen

We do this through 'coaching frames' which are asynchronous coaching sessions you complete on your own time.  Our head coach, Brent Lamphier, guides you through that day's worksheet, acting as if he's sitting across from you.  Upon completing the frame, you can share it with our team for additional insights, questions, feedback, and ideas. 

There are 11 coaching frames to work through, with accompanying videos and templates.  Each one takes about 30-60 minutes to complete the first time through.  


We offer several optional 'bonus' templates too that might help you breakthrough.

Three coaching frames are released each week, along with a live weekly Q&A call and options for feedback on your work.  You also have access to our private group on Facebook, where introductions are made, and more feedback, insights, and ideas are shared.

Who Is This Program For?

Our members tend to self-identify as entrepreneurial.  Not just founders looking to start a business, but entrepreneurial, in that they solve problems, take ownership, and make things happen whether working inside of larger organizations or on their own.

NextAct members typically fall into one of three categories:

  1. Those who know what the want and are working out how to make it happen.

  2. Those who have lots of ideas and aren't sure which one(s) to pick

  3. Those who know some specifics about the future they want,  but aren't sure how to make all the puzzle pieces connect.

Members also then self-select into one of three 'tracts' by the end of the program:

  1. Founders, looking to start or grow their own business

  2. Consultants/Freelancers, looking to provide a service to other people or organizations

  3. Employees, looking to do their work within an existing organization


I'm Ready, Now What?

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